Matt Trappe


Commercial advertising photographer and director specializing in outdoor active sports fitness and lifestyle images.


As a kid I began shooting photos on an old pocket film camera. At the time it never occurred to me that photography could become a career but that little camera lit a spark nonetheless. While pursuing a graduate degree I traveled exhaustingly throughout Europe and found myself happiest while lost with my camera on a solo adventure. Several years into an ensuing corporate career I was laid off after just 6 months into a job. Even worse, the hammer dropped on my first day back to work after the birth of my daughter. I was angry and confused but above all I was MOTIVATED. I immediately pulled the rip cord and gathered the courage to start trusting my gut. The leap into the creative world would open the door to a myriad of genuinely amazing people who all absolutely love what they do. Shooting photos was incredibly fulfilling and it felt surreal to be paid for something I wanted to be doing anyway. Photo projects soon evolved to include directing motion content and a more modern integrated approach to storytelling developed. After 7 years of learning and growing, NINE MIND emerged as the collective force of talent that I can count on to help produce high level content.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work. Let’s discuss your next production and get lost in the camera together.










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